What is software and desktop

What is software for desktop?

When you look at your desktop, it comprises of three things: you the user, the hardware, and the software. However, what is software? We understand the hardware aspect well because of its visual nature that is, the feel and touch of things like the desktop, keyboard, and mouse. However, when we get down to the software bit, most of us seem lost. We hear about best antivirus, database systems as software but exactly makes them one? Luckily, our area of discussion today is, ‘what is software and why is it so important?’

What is software and desktop : Definition

In layman’s terms, software is a collection of instructions that enable you to interact with your desktop and other associated hardware. The software comprises of a collection of code structured in such a way as to facilitate the execution of user commands while using the computers. Programmers usually come up with the code that is written using a particular programming language which later on during the implementation process is transformed into machine language for your desktop to comprehend. The desktop software comprises of computer programs, related non-executable data, and libraries. For your desktop to function as one unit, you must have both hardware and software.

What is software package?

After learning the definition of software, the next question to answer is what is a software package? A software package is a collection of several software programs that perform similar functions or work together and are sold as a whole unit. A good example is the Microsoft Office software package that contains many different programs such as excel and word. The software package can also be defined as a way of installing or distributing software upgrades a good example is the antivirus software package that helps you to install the best antiviruses on your desktop.

Types of software

There are two types of software packages namely:

  • Application software: it includes all the programs that do the work on behalf of the user. A good example is an antivirus, word processors, and database management systems.
  • System software: it comprises of operating system along with all other utilities that make the computer function.

What is software necessary?

For your desktop to function, you need to install both an operating system software and an Application software. The operating system software acts as a middleman between your desktop hardware and application programs. While application software enables you to perform certain actions with your computer such a surfing the internet using your browser. An essential application software that is a must have for your desktop is the antivirus. Antivirus prevents your computer from being attacked by any malicious programs. One of the best antivirus used today is Avast antivirus.Now we hope you know what is software and desktop